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Brewlab Pacific Coast IPA

A classic Pacific Coast IPA, but not necessarily the coast you’d immediately think of. It’s a big ocean. Using East Coast Australia and New Zealand hops and malts, we’ve crafted an uniquely Antipodean take on the style. Hardy bitterness at the start and late kettle additions creates a flavour (with a u) that's bursting in tropical and citrus tones, while the medium-light maltiness pulls it all together in harmony. 

STYLE: Indian Pale Ale
ABV%: 6.6
IBU: 50
GRAIN: Pils, Munich, Crystals, Oats
HOPS: Nelson, Sav, Motueka, Galaxy, Nectaron

The Boss

Mosaic, daughter of Simcoe and Nugget: the beautifully blended hop that changed craft beer for the better. This single-hopped IPA champions notes of mango, pine and citrus and mosaic’s signature infusion of tropical and berry-medley aromas. Brewed with voss kveik, super-yeast, our boss IPA somehow fuses all of the above into an immaculately-balanced beer, packed with taste and flavours that linger on the palate. Picture perfect.

ABV%: 6.5
IBU: 36
GRAIN: 100% Malted Barley
HOPS: Mosaic

Sabro XPA

Sabro XPA is a refreshing and hoppy beer. Bittered and dry-hopped using powerful Sabro hops, for a mango and passionfruit aroma and smooth tangerine flavour notes with a hint of coconut. Brew #01 of our Singapore Sessions brews, Sabro XPA is brewed using Kveik specialty yeast. Bright, citrusy, and made for sunshine drinking.

STYLE: American XPA
ABV%: 4.5
IBU: 35
GRAIN: 100% Malted Barley
HOPS: Sabro

Zappa Dipa

This is a beer fit for a rockstar. Our Double IPA is packed with Zappa hops, named after the legendary musician Frank Zappa and embodied with the same rebellious spirit. Mildly spicy, with strong notes of tropical fruits on the tongue, and a pinewood and light mint aroma. Brewed using Kveik specialty yeast. Exceptional chilled haze for your drinking pleasure.

STYLE: Imperial IPA
ABV%: 7.5
IBU: 70
GRAIN: 100% Malted Barley
HOPS: Zappa